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 Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED)

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Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED) Empty
PostSubject: Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED)   Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED) EmptyThu May 03, 2012 6:29 am

Is your forum name the same as your character name? Yes.
HINT: They should be.

Charname/level/class Alkoe/60/Rogue

What spec are you? 21/8/22 PvP spec at the moment, but can change it at any time.

We raid at 11:30 AM SERVER time on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays - can you make all of these times? Normaly I should be able to make it, I work as a mailman in Belgium and I usualy work untill 10:30~11:00 AM, so yes I will be able to be online.

Do you speak fluent english? Not perfect, but fluent enough.

What country are you from? Belgium

What is your RL age and gender? 27 year old male.

Are you willing to respec to a PvE spec if asked? Will respec to any spec whenever it's needed by the guild.

Do you have any characters in any other guilds on this server (either Alliance or Horde)? No, only have this character wich is currently in the guild 'Dungeon Finder' a social guild.

Are you attuned to Molten Core & Blackwing Lair (These are REQUIRED) or Naxxramas (This is great if you are but not currently required)? No, no and no. (Will explain in the Anything else we should know? question.)

Describe your current gear status (will be confirmed in game). EG: +400 spell damage +10% Hit, +crit, +healing, etc, relevant to your class My gear is crap, best items I've got so far are: 4 pieces Shadowcraft and Scarlet Kris as offhand.

What endgame WoW raid experience do you have? Cleared ZG, did Lucifron and magmadar in MC (full clear in TBC), Onyxia, no experience in BWL, did Kurinnaxx in AQ20 (fully cleared AQ20 and 40 in TBC), cleared whole TBC endgame, cleared Naxxramas in WotLK, did Malygos and killed some of the first bosses in Ulduar. (I did quit WoW not long after Ulduar was released.)

Why do you want to join Flawless? I want to be able to have the oldschool raiding experience with a mature and friendly guild.

Anything else we should know? About my gear and attunements, I have no idea if you accept 'social' members, but my idea behind this application was: to be accepted as a 'social' member. Because of this I would be able to get the guild and guildies better while working on my gear and attunements, until I fulfill the standards to be accepted in the raid. However if this is not the case, I will reapply when I do fulfill those standards at that current time.

Chicken or beef? Chicken.

BONUS (to test against retards): Can you count to 3?
A 1 and a 2 and a 1 2 3.
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Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED)   Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED) EmptyThu May 03, 2012 6:26 pm

Hi there.

Your application looks solid, but at the moment we are currently full in rogues. However, this situation may change in the near future, depending on whether Feenix decides to fix the armor values on bosses soon, which would make rogues more viable in high-tier raiding and thus open up more slots in the guild for melee DPS in general.

With this in mind, we'd like to offer you a position as a non-raider until your gear/attunements are done, and then a position as a trial with an Onyxia/MC spot. If you'd like to accept, whisper Lannfear or Assasinx in-game.
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Alkoe - Rogue - (ACCEPTED)
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