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 Capsa - Tauren Shaman - Restoration

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PostSubject: Capsa - Tauren Shaman - Restoration   Capsa - Tauren Shaman - Restoration EmptySat May 26, 2012 9:40 pm

Is your forum name the same as your character name? No. My forum name is arrow1788
HINT: They should be. sorry for that, but this is my nickname of all accounts and internet name.

Charname/level/class Capsa / 60 / Tauren Shaman

What spec are you? Restoration 0/11/40

We raid at 11:30 AM SERVER time on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays - can you make all of these times? Sure, why not Smile

Do you speak fluent english? Yes.

What country are you from? Romania.

What is your RL age and gender? I have 24 years old and I am a male.

Are you willing to respec to a PvE spec if asked? Sure. I have also Enhancement gear (not Nightfall Neutral hate that weapon Neutral ) and some of Elemental gear.

Do you have any characters in any other guilds on this server (either Alliance or Horde)? No.

Are you attuned to Molten Core & Blackwing Lair (These are REQUIRED) or Naxxramas (This is great if you are but not currently required)? Yes i have all the attuned raid encounters. MC, BWL, NAXX.

Describe your current gear status (will be confirmed in game). EG: +400 spell damage +10% Hit, +crit, +healing, etc, relevant to your class +550 healing bonus, +44 mp5 and Mar'li's Eye trinket with 60 mp5 for 30 sec.
Have 300 intelect and 190 spirit unbuffed. Buffed 9.5 k mana.

What endgame WoW raid experience do you have? Sunwell Plateau from TBC. MC BWL AQ20, AQ40 and from this server AQ40 just Boss 1, and 0 from Naxxramass.

Why do you want to join Flawless? Because the ride time is the best for me and Rontzi told me to join you because of my good gear.

Anything else we should know? Yes, now I am in exams period and after that I will have one month of practice from college.

Chicken or beef? Here is the Beef! Razz

BONUS (to test against retards): Can you count to 3? 1 2 3 Neutral Three or Tree..what you prefer Razz
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Capsa - Tauren Shaman - Restoration Empty
PostSubject: Re: Capsa - Tauren Shaman - Restoration   Capsa - Tauren Shaman - Restoration EmptySun May 27, 2012 10:56 am

Contact Assasinx, Lannfear, Shamanmanx or Ensuji in-game to discuss a trial.
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Capsa - Tauren Shaman - Restoration
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