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 Dubfury - Shaman Application

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PostSubject: Dubfury - Shaman Application   Dubfury - Shaman Application EmptyThu Jun 21, 2012 8:36 pm

Is your forum name the same as your character name?
HINT: They should be.

Charname/level/class DubFury / 60 / Shaman

What spec are you? Elemental currently however i am willing to spec resto if needed.

We raid at 11:30 AM SERVER time on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays - can you make all of these times? On most occasions yes, however chances work may need me in late some nights so i would only be able to commit to one of these nights religiously.

Do you speak fluent english? Affirmative

What country are you from? Australia

What is your RL age and gender? 20/m

Are you willing to respec to a PvE spec if asked? Yes

Do you have any characters in any other guilds on this server (either Alliance or Horde)? No, i left my guild whilst awaiting response from here.

Are you attuned to Molten Core & Blackwing Lair (These are REQUIRED) or Naxxramas (This is great if you are but not currently required)? I am BWL attuned, not MC attuned but can do that now.

Describe your current gear status (will be confirmed in game). EG: +400 spell damage +10% Hit, +crit, +healing, etc, relevant to your class pre-raid BiS geared. Elemental set i have 240 ish SP in my healing gear i have about 360 healing.

What endgame WoW raid experience do you have? i have previously raided ZG and MC in vanilla, i have done portions of AQ20 and am willing to read up about fights prior to raiding if needed.

Why do you want to join Flawless? It's Australian. i am usually on around 6pm-3am depending on nights and Uni timetable.

Anything else we should know? I am social, love a good joke, love wow before the expansions ruined it.

Chicken or beef? Chicken

BONUS (to test against retards): Can you count to 3? when i'm sober Smile
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Dubfury - Shaman Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dubfury - Shaman Application   Dubfury - Shaman Application EmptySat Jun 23, 2012 12:46 pm

Contact Assasinx in-game to discuss a trial.
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Dubfury - Shaman Application
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