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 Experienced Undead Mage`s Application :)) - (ACCEPTED)

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PostSubject: Experienced Undead Mage`s Application :)) - (ACCEPTED)   Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:40 pm

Name:Lear game ID:Cedirc
Country: China
Your Character:
Spec:Element for pvp , ArcaneFrost for pve
Profesions: Engineering / mining
Screenshot of your User Interface:
(sry my computer cant upload my pics, so i give 2 website for my pic and inculde my experence, its my Character`s battlenet.)

lvl70 mage (

lvl60 mage(

PVP Experience:- 60`s Horde 1st R13(well im young that time, timeless BG(ID:Myshero 鹰巢山 BG7 CN)) /S2 Gladiator (ID:Myshero 鹰巢山 BG7 CN)/S7 Relentless Gladiator (ID:fakeyoulol 血吼 BG19 CN)

PVE Experience: - I cleared all content (aq20 ,aq40 , zg, MC , ony).. on feenix i didnt have a good guild only cleared AQ20 ZUG MC..

Activity:I`m a college student so i just can play on weekend but i`m sure i wont waste time when i`m online

Computer & Network:My computer is not good FPS 10-20 only and i have 2 use VPN to play on Feenix cause Chinese goveament.(( (I hate this !)

Ventrilo Communication:
I have a good microphone and i have ventrilo / team speak installed.

Why would you want to join our guild? -
1st: I play hard and never give up for anything, when there is a hopeless chance i`ll catch it as possible as i can,
Whatever in PVP or in PVE, we all know that ---only 1s can change everything, but what i need to do is use that every sec to make "Miracles".
2nd: This is a amzing good guild and its my dream place. I have that experence stay with good guild, we fight together we talked together we played together, like a big family. I like that feeling.
3rd: I wanna a chance to improve myself and how Chinese player played.(but i hope u guys can dont mind my sucks computer and my sucks network)

Thanks for taking your time to read the application.
thx for ur time tongue
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PostSubject: Re: Experienced Undead Mage`s Application :)) - (ACCEPTED)   Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:02 pm

Contact Jaytee, Sephyre or Lannfear in game to discuss your trial.
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Experienced Undead Mage`s Application :)) - (ACCEPTED)
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