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 Zerker - Fury Warrior

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PostSubject: Zerker - Fury Warrior   Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:37 pm


Zerker / 60 / Warrior

What spec are you?


We raid at 9:30 AM SERVER time on Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays - can you make all of these times?


Do you speak fluent english?


What country are you from?


What is your RL age?


Are you willing to respec to a PvE spec if asked?

Already am a PvE spec, but yes.

Do you have any characters in any other guilds on this server (either Alliance or Horde)?


Are you attuned to Molten Core & Blackwing Lair (These are essential) or Naxxramas (This is great if you are but not currently required)?


Describe your current gear status (will be confirmed in game). EG: +400 spell damage +10% Hit, +crit, +healing, etc, relevant to your class

850 AP
13% Hit
33% Crit

What endgame WoW raid experience do you have?

I raided hardcore on retail for 6 years, Firelands being my final tier on official servers. I played with many guilds, but I finished with Exodus of Ysondre/Cho'gall completing the tier at US 5th.

Vanilla - Everything up to Four Horsemen, cleared every other wing but never got them down.
BC - All content completed while current.
Wrath - All content completed while current.
Cataclysm - All bosses killed up to and including Firelands at US20th or better.

Why do you want to join Flawless?

I've finished my preraid gear, and I'd like to get into raiding again. I enjoyed vanilla content the most so I'm wanting to get back into it here.

Anything else we should know?

I'm a very good warrior, I've been playing the class since the beginning and have never wavered. Time and gear invested in me would not be regretted, I'm a committed raider and realize the importance of attendance, using proper consumables and following instruction. I don't backpedal, click or any other noob shit.

Chicken or beef?

Chicken, Watermelon and Grape Koolaid

BONUS (to test against retards): Can you count to 3?

One, Two, Three
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PostSubject: Re: Zerker - Fury Warrior   Sat Feb 04, 2012 9:22 pm

Talk to Jaytee, Lannfear, Sephyre or Shamanmanx in game for a trial.
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Zerker - Fury Warrior
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